3Most cylinder head websites will show you either pictures of new aluminum heads with shiny valves and/or ports or assembled heads with good paint jobs. I’m proud to show you, up close, what makes a high quality valve job. I’m not going to hide the seats with valves. Take a look at some of the pictures in the gallery and decide for yourself. I took no extra time to make these few valve seats look this way just for pictures. Every seat on every head is of this quality.

Brooks Elliott Cylinder Heads offers only one service, the accurate, precise and correct rebuilding and modifying of cylinder heads. My business opened in 1986, and since then I have been striving to offer the highest quality cylinder head rebuilding possible. I dont offer any other engine machine work. My focus is on cylinder heads only.

I’m always looking for a challenge. Rather than being comfortable with rebuilding domestic V8 cylinder heads, I chose to pursue the import market, mainly the European market, cars of higher value and some that appreciate in value. Now I perform cylinder head work for many European repair shops in and around Austin.

I’m comfortable working on any type cylinder head but I have extensive experience with Acura, Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW car and motorcycle, Honda, Jaguar(all generations), Land Rover, Subaru, Volvo, Toyota, VW. And yes, I do work on domestic V8’s also.

All cylinder heads work basically the same way. What makes a good valve job is the guide, valve & seat combo. If any of those three are not correct, the valve job wont be the best it can be. See ‘Services’ to read more about how I do it.

I invite you to come see the Contour BB in action. You can watch me machine some valve seats, how many shops would want you to watch them machine your valve seats?

Bring your own head or I’ll use one of mine.

Brooks Elliott

2311 P Thornton Rd. – Austin, TX 78704